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 Tonsils are ball-like areas of soft tissue on both sides of the throat. They help the body fight infection by filtering out germs that enter the body through the mouth and nose. There are other tissues like the tonsils that help filter out germs too. They are called the adenoids.

Tonsillectomy is surgery to remove the tonsils. The tonsils are glands at the back of your throat. The tonsils are usually removed along with your adenoid glands. That sugery is called adenoidectomy.


The surgery is done while the child is under general anesthesia. Your child will be asleep and pain free.

The surgeon will place a small tool into your child’s mouth to hold it open.

  • The surgeon then cuts or burns away the tonsils. The doctor will control bleeding. The wounds heal naturally without stitches.
  • After surgery, your child will stay in the recovery room until he or she is awake and can breathe easily, cough, and swallow. Most children go home several hours after this surgery.

Why the Procedure is Performed

The tonsils help protect against infections. But children with large tonsils may have many sore throats and ear infections.

You and your child’s doctor may consider a tonsillectomy if:

  • Your child has infections often (seven or more times in 1 year, or five or more times over 2 years).
  • Your child misses a lot of school.
  • Your child has trouble breathing.
  • Your child has abscess or growth on their tonsils.

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