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Dr Kashif Iqbal Parathyroid glands cancer surgeon in Lahore. Parathyroids glands  are small glands that are in close approximation to the thyroid gland. There are two glands on each side of the neck, and control the balance of calcium in the body.

If you are a patient of Parathyroid tummor caner and looking for parathyroid tummor  Surgery in Lahore by experienced cancer surgeon, then talk to us now on +92 0333-4242848.  consultation with Dr. Kashif iqbal Malik regarding parathyroid cancer treatment at his clinic in wapda town Lahore, Pakistan.The parathryoid glands are also part of the endocrine system.In Pakistan Parathyroid cancers are very rare as compared to the other country. More common tumours  are called parathyroid adenomas  in Pakistan. In Human Body Parathyroid adenomas  secrete Parathyroid Hormone. Which cause elevation of the calcium levels in the blood. This can lead to calcium stones in the urinary system, bone pain or abdominal pain, leading to a well known constellation of symptoms called ‘moans, groans and stones. Parathyroid adenoma are usually found with an elevated blood calcium levels and elevated PTH levels.

  • In Parathyroid tummor  human body sugger Fragile bones that easily fracture (osteoporosis)
  • Kidney stones are preasent in parathyroid tummor.
  • Suffer in Excessive urination .
  • Feel  Abdominal pain.
  • Tiring easily or weakness.
  • Depression or forgetfulness.
  • Bone and joint pain.


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