Neck Surgery in Lahore Dr Kashif Iqbal Malik

Nech Surgery in Lahore

Types of Neck Surgery

Different types of neck surgery are categorized, in part, by the location of the point of access used by the surgical team. For example, when a cervical discectomy with spinal fusion is performed through the front of the neck, it is said to be “anterior” access. Conversely, if the spinal condition is reached from the back, it is known as a “posterior” access. The choice of access point depends on the location of the nerve compression causing chronic pain or other symptoms.

Types of Traditional Neck Surgery

Most traditional neck surgery involves a hospital stay of at least two days, followed by a recuperation period that can last for months – or even a year or more. The goal is to create space for compressed nerves, and this is frequently accomplished by removing large portions of the spinal anatomy using one or more of the following procedures:

  • Facetectomy – partial removal of the joints where the vertebrae meet, known as the facet joints
  • Laminectomy – removal of a bony plate that forms the back of the vertebral arch, the lamina
  • Laminoplasty – reshaping the lamina to allow more space for nerve roots
  • Discectomy – removal of an intervertebral disc, usually in cases of degenerative disc disease
  • Corpectomy – removal of the entire vertebral body, followed by replacement with metal or plastic hardware and/or intervertebral body fusion using bone graft material